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KaosQ+ is a peered periodical journal that aims at a collection of reflective practices on issues ranging from genders, sexualities to ability, class, and ethnicity, and their intersections in different contexts such as arts, history, sociology, politics or medicine. KaosQ+ welcomes theoretical contributions and sharing of practical experiences and knowledges that derive their interventionist motivations from the assessment that in modern societies, sexual, social, cultural economic relations or sexual, religious, ethnic etc. identities are shaped and reshaped by diverse and at times intersecting power relations. Such an assessment also argues that such power relations, identities and practices are historically constructed and for this reason, they can be traced and even reversed both at theoretical and practical levels. With the collection of reflective practices, essays, narratives, historiographies, studies, artworks etc. on the present and the current functioning of power relations, the journal aims at contributing to the praxis of transformation of existing relations.
Even our personal experiences reveal that discourses and practices of uniformity or homogeneity produce multiple yet at times intersecting forms of inequalities. This is particularly relevant for gender for gender represents one of the major axes of inequality in the world we are living in. KaosQ+ would like to explore the gendered nature of discourses and practices by asking.  
Where and how gender, sexual identities and sexualities interact and intersect with other inequalities within specific power mechanisms? What power relations are verified and sustained and which ones are made irrelevant or transformed? How they operate on subjects and what kinds of subjectivities and relations are produced? Which type of inequalities are produced and how they can be sustained? How can we assess the normalizing, disciplinary or marginalizing effects of dominant power relations?
KaosQ+ also desires to undertake the endeavour of discovering and sharing of the knowledge of practices of resistance, transformation, and solidarity building. Analyses of the dynamic and impacts of these activities on the social, cultural, economic and political domains and their transformative potentials are also among the interests of the journal.
The Editorial Board of KaosQ+, therefore, is calling for academics, activists and anyone who would like to take part in the journey of discovering new ways of interactions among academic disciplines, study areas and activisms. With a will to trespass the boundaries of established norms and forms of knowledges and practices, we would like to suggest this attempt to be transdisciplinary in its effort and in its impact.
Overall, we announce the birth of KaosQ+, a site of meeting of transdiciplinary, reflective and queer practicesand send out an invitation to everyone to participate in this journey.



Kaos Q+

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